All about Food Packaging and Printing

All about Food Packaging and Printing


Whether you are in the USA, Canada or the UK, you can see some changing trends in the area of food packaging. No matter it’s a pizza or cake, you must require some extraordinary boxes for your products. Gone are the days when people used ordinary packaging items for their food products. Now people love to see amazing packaging with quality food. I can easily say that many of the people will be impressed by the packaging of your food products. Many famous food packaging boxes are


  • Custom Cereal Boxes
  • Custom Bakery Boxes
  • Custom Donut Boxes
  • Popcorn Boxes
  • And much more


Use of Custom Boxes for Pizza:

Companies are now using custom packaging boxes for the packaging of the pizza. The stock that is mostly used for the pizza box is known as corrugated stock. The reason is that this stock can handle sensitive or fragile products inside them very safely. Moreover, you can use custom printing on these boxes like the logo of your company along with some attractive artwork. If the design of your custom box is attractive, people will never forget about your company as the first impression is known as the last impression



Custom Bakery Boxes:

Custom bakery boxes is a generic word or you can say that it’s a category of the boxes. All other products like cake, donuts, sweets, and chocolates can be placed inside this category. These boxes can be prepared using cardboard stock. Usually, the thickness of their stock ranges from 14pt to 20pt. For some of the products, people like to place the PVC window on the boxes so that the customers can see their product out of the box.


While for the other food packaging items like cereals mostly cardboard stock is used. Majority of the people like to use 16pt stock with full-color printing options. The additional options are the use of matte or gloss lamination on these boxes.



If you are still using old school of thought, I mean to say that if you are still using ordinary packaging items then it’s a time to hire a custom packaging company to boost the sales of your business.